26 Mar 2009

How to Chat in Trade

. 26 Mar 2009

You may at some point want to participate more actively in the trade chat, it can be fun and profitable. To do that you need to know a couple of things.

First, the lingo used: WTB means "want-to-buy" and WTS means "want to sell"; you'll be seeing this a lot. Some other stuff you may hear and explanations:

  • WTB 20x[Healing Potion] - means want to buy 20 healing potions
  • WTS [Healing Potion] 50g/stack - means want to sell a stack of [Healing Potionss] for 50g. It is worthwhile to know how many healing potions are in a stack. Some items stack to 5, 10, 20, 100 etc. Most items stack to 20. Healing potions make stacks of 5 however.
  • WTS [Ced's Carver] /w me - means someone wants to sell that dagger and wants you to tell him privately your offer.
  • WTB all your runecloth - means the buyer wants to buy as much runecloth as you can sell. Usually, he lets everyone know he buys a lot, to get discounts and to get offers of larger quantities only (if he wants 5000 runecloth, it's not worth his time to buy 3 from you).
You may also be wondering how the links to the items get into chat. If you want to post your own message linking whatever you have for sale, just SHIFT+click the item in your inventory, or SHIFT+click the link if it is already in chat somewhere.

You also need to be mindful that there are some unwritten rules about trading in chat. Actually there is just one: do not spam, meaning do not say anything in chat that is not related to trade. You will often see this rule abused and you may enjoy the effects it has on people, but try not to do it yourself as continued abused in this direction can get you banned from the game.


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