27 Mar 2009


. 27 Mar 2009

Addons are third party software that can greatly enhance your World of Warcraft experience. The easiest way to install them is to go to wowmatrix and install their client software which will let you select pretty much any addon and install it for you. Then, you will sometimes need to configure the addon from WoW itself.

Some interesting addons and what they can do for you

  • omen - you are basically required to have this if you play in groups - it shows the threat table of the currently selected creature, enabling you to manage your threat
  • questhelper - greatly speeds up your leveling by showing you exactly where you need to go and what you need to do to complete quests (this addon is developed full time by the author and is based on donations; please donate if you like it)
  • cartographer - enhances your game map and lets questhelper show an arrow pointing you to where you need to go
  • xperl - you need to install it to see it; basically shows you, your target and your party in a more informative and more attractive way
  • prat 3 - greatly enhances the way your chat looks and behaves
  • auctioneer - helps you make money at the AH by logging prices and computing average market prices over time
  • spammenot - helps you eliminate in-game spam (it really works perfectly)
  • recount - shows your dps as well as other very informative battle statistics
  • autoprofit - lets you automatically sell all vendor trash at any selected vendor
There are many other addons that may come in handy for your specific class or play-style. You can browse on the internet, search the official forums or even look at the addon descriptions inside the wowmatrix client.

While addons are not allowed to automate the gameplay for you, they can do pretty much else. So if you feel like you are missing something, there is probably an addon out there doing just what you need it to.


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