27 Mar 2009

Buying Gold

. 27 Mar 2009

During your travels through Azeroth you will often come across the topic of gold buying, meaning buying WoW gold for real money.

What you really need to know is that there is no way to buy gold for real money that will not get you banned. So don't or if you already did and thoght it's legal, stop and don't tell anyone you ever did.

Gold buying is considered not only by Blizzard but by many WoW players to be highly unfair and destructive for the game. Also, there is absolutely now reason to buy gold because

  • you can make gold in-game with relative ease once you understand how
  • making gold on your own will make you feel much better than spending money for it
That being said if you want more gold, you can look into more ways to make it on your own as it is very possible. First you will need to make some seed capital by questing and selling off the proceeds of your adventures at the AH. Then you can move on to more advanced strategies involving the AH alone, such as flipping items (buying low, selling high on the AH).

A very good site to look into for learning how to make more gold with the gold you already have, while spending very little time is Gevlon's Greedy Goblin. Go check it out.


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