27 Mar 2009


. 27 Mar 2009

In WoW, your character can pick up professions, theoretically to make money, but more often than not to lose it. Read on.

There are several types of professions in WoW: primary and secondary. You can only have two primary professions at any one time per character. Everyone can learn the secondary professions, even if they don't have primary ones.

Primary professions are sub-divided in two types: gathering and crafting. With crafting professions you make stuff. With gathering professions you gather stuff from the world that crafting professions need to make their stuff.

Gathering professions are mining and herbalism and skinning, allowing you to pick up ores and herbs respectively from the world and skins from dead animals. You can sell these at the AH for decent profits, especially if you spend enough time to gather full stacks of either of them. People pay you for the time it takes to search for resources, pick them up and list them at the AH. Nobody in their right mind would do this for free.

Crafting professions are different. Because people derive more pleasure and status from them, as well as because crafting doesn't require so much time, people often pay to level up their crafting professions, which creates an environment of harsh competition. You will very likely be completely unable to sell whatever you craft at a profit (for more than the cost of the materials required), no matter which crafting profession you choose. If you are just starting out and low on cash, do not pick a crafting profession, just pick two gathering.

The secondary professions are fishing and cooking. Cooking is more like a crafting profession in that it needs materials. Fishing is more like a gathering one, because you almost literally pick fishes from water.

All professions require you to visit a trainer regularly (especially to pick it up) and pay for training. Gathering professions are much cheaper to train but can take more time to level. Crafting professions can be leveled in a matter of hours but cost more to train and are generally not profitable.

You should also know that some crafting professions give your character stats bonuses (directly or by allowing you to create superior items that only you can wear) and are thus an investment for those wishing to boost their stats for a price.

To learn more in-depth about all professions, check out either wowwiki or google.


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